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The Initial Meeting / Discussion

In our initial meeting with you, a Oak Tree Mortgage Loan Officer will do some fact finding in order to discover what loan options are best for you and your unique situation.We will assess what you are eligible for and search the market to find the best rate based on your credit score and other determining factors. Your loan specialist will then relay this information to you. If it is conducive to move forward, we will provide you with a quote right over the phone!We will also provide a detailed analysis comparing your mortgage options so you can decide which loan is best for you. You can also apply online without even having to speak to anyone. (see the Apply It's Easy button on the top of the website)

The Loan Application

We complete your loan application over the phone or in our office, with you to ensure accuracy or online through our secure digital mortgage platform.

The Initial Disclosures

We will send you the initial disclosures via DocuSign (electronic signatures), via email in a secure PDF, through our digital mortgage platform You will have 3 days to sign them and return to us.

Supporting Documentation

We will send you a checklist of documentation we will need you to scan, fax, submit through our digital mortgage platform, or overnight to us.

The Loan Approval Process

Our team of Account Managers and Processors set up your file with all the appropriate paperwork to be submitted to underwriting.

Loan Approval

Once we obtain loan approval from the underwritiers we will reach out with any further items that are needed to order your final loan documents.

The Apprasial

After your loan is approved by the underwriters, we will order the appraisal and will send you an apprasial order form so that you can contact the apprasier to pay for the appraisal and to schedule the apprasiers home viewing at a time that is convenient for you.

Final Disclosures

After the appraisal is completed it is then sent to our appraisal review department for approval, once approved (assuming the value required was met or exceeded) The final loan disclosures will be emailed to youBefore you meet with the mobile notary to sign the final loan documents, you will review your TRID Closing Disclosure/settlement statement with your Loan Specialist to ensure all of the numbers are correct. The notary will call you to schedule a time for the signing. Our team will be available during that time for any questions you may have.

Signing Loan Documents

The notary will call you to schedule a time for the signing. Our team will be available during that time for any questions you may have.

Funding / Recording

After you sign your refinance documents, you will have a 3-day waiting period before your loan is funded. If you choose to pull cash-out, escrow will wire your funds to you the same day (purchase and private/hard money loans have no 3-day waiting period).

Talk to a Loan Officer

The Loan Process